5 Best Reviewed Bowling Balls [2020 Buyer’s Guide]

If you are a bowler and looking for the best bowling ball which determines your performance in an alley, then look at our guide to choosing the best one for you.

The bowling ball is the crucial element of a game that interacts with every element in bowling such as lanes, pins, oil patterns, players, and so on.

While being a modern bowler, you need to understand the bowling ball technology so that you can choose the best bowling ball for you to make or break the shots.

We’re here to help!

This buying guide is all about selecting the best bowling balls on the market today. Some of these cowling balls are best for spare shooting, while others are best to use as a primary strike ball.

Let’s take a look!

5 Best Reviewed Bowling Balls [2020 Buyer’s Guide] 1

Best Bowling Balls of 2020





Storm Code Red Bowling Ball

Hybrid Reactive


Motiv Venom Shock Pearl

Hybrid Reactive


Brunswick Kingpin Special Edition



Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball



Columbia 300 Messenger Red



Detailed Buying Guide of Best Bowling Balls

1. Best Hybrid Reactive cover stock: Storm Code Red Bowling Ball

This red coverstock ball ships with no holes. The user can add drilling service before placing the order then they will deliver the bowling ball with holes.

The storm code red ball has a special feature called RAD4 core. It offers high torque and high speed with differential core technology that is why the storm brand is continuing its success through this high-performance bowling ball.

The core has combined with R2S Hybrid Reactive coverstock, which is helpful to offer great performance on most of the Storm’s balls. It is finished with 1500 grit polish.

The overall design causes the ball glide at the front while letting the ball to create a unique breakpoint shape and back-end reaction that storm ball is popular.


  • Recommend for medium to heavy oil conditions.
  • It has a cinnamon fragrance.
  • Impressive backend reaction.
  • It has great strength through different situations.


  • The hook is not as impressive as the code black.
The storm code red ball

2. Best Reactive : Motiv Venom Shock Pearl

MOTIV has introduced its new edition called the Venom Shock Pearl bowling ball, which is very popular because of its versatility. It has made with new Hexion cover and a dual-density weight block, that is why it is the perfect complement to the original edition.

It is the most popular MOTIV balls because it is so versatile on light to medium oil lanes. The Venom Shock Pearl has a top gear weight block which gives it a low RG and low differential similar to the original edition, but its dual-density structure gives strong angular backend motion.

It’s new Hexion Medium Friction Pearl Reactive cover has increased its speed. It has a 5500 Grit LSP finish to boost its performance. 


  • Versatile on light to medium oil.
  • Perfect for beginners.
  • It provides a fast response to friction.
  • Suitable for the game when the oil pattern has broken down.
  • Smooth back end motion.


  • Not work on heavy oil lane conditions.
MOTIV Venom Shock Pearl

3. Best for Hook: Brunswick Kingpin Special Edition

This is a limited edition of Brunswick Kingpin Gold special and is not available everywhere. It uses exceptional-x pearl enhanced composite adhesion and exceptional x-cover to create length and sharp backend in the kingpin line.

Due to this kingpin line, It can conquer the oiliest conditions. it creates less friction in the front of the lane and produces excellent recovery on medium conditions.


  • Performs excellently on heavy oil lanes.
  • Has a powerful backend motion.
  • It is durable yields less compression.


  • Available at a premium price.
Brunswick Kingpin Gold special

4. Best For Dry Lanes: Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball

If you are a beginner and looking for entry-level bowling ball than Brunswick Rhino is perfect for you.

It does not react strongly to the dry or oily parts of the lane, which makes it easy to handle for new learners. This ball can easily balance the power and control by using its R-16 reactive coverstock along with the light bulb core.


  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Great for beginners.
  • This ball can work for both right or left-handed.


  • It is less durable.
Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball

5. Best for Light Oil Lanes: Columbia 300 Messenger Red

This bowling ball is a dream ball for beginners as well as for intermediate bowlers. It wrapped with hyper shock technology that increases lane length to powerful effect.

The dynamic core of the ball will create better pin actions even in lighter weights for beginners.


  • It is Used for Light Oil Lane Conditions.
  • It has Super Flex Coverstock.
  • It is USBC Approved.
  • The 2-piece symmetrical core creates amazing balance and stability.


  • This ball is not for advanced bowlers.
  • This ball loses a lot of its efficacy easily. 
Columbia 300 Messenger

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