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It’s raining discounts in the shopping arena as ecommerce companies’ slush with funds from venture capital companies are trying to gain a foot hold in the gargantuan Indian market. The sheer size of the Indian middle class is so huge that it offers a promise for stable revenues for a long time to come. If these companies can get their business model right, then there is nothing that can stop them from attaining market leadership. But in order to get to that point, these companies need to acquire top-of-the mind recall and win the trust of customers. One way to do so is to offer a low price guarantee always. This way the customer feels that he will always get the best quality goods at the best prices and he will not be ripped off in these stores. No wonder deals websites are getting ever so popular today and are the talk of the town in newspaper, magazines and the internet.

 Shopping is therapy

  • Yes, it has been proved time and again through various studies that shopping has a therapeutic effect as you go on an acquisition spree in the market. Human beings have a desire to acquire and control things that they do not own and both physical shopping and online shopping offers the same high.
  • Moreover, there are so many business and salaried professionals whose net worth is going up because of the hard work they are putting in their jobs but they have no time to spend. And online shopping helps them to take care of this most important aspect of their lives in the best possible manner.
  • Coupon websites add to the fun by offering all categories of coupons in one portal and you can save big with just a few mouse clicks. Most banks are now offering dedicated credit cards that are exclusively being used for online shopping and their purchase limits can be set at the time of the transaction so that no error or fraud can increase your exposure to your bank account.

Using Coupon Sites makes sense

At online coupon sites, customers can use the cash back earned through online shopping to pay bills, points earned on debit / credit cards can be used to exchange for personal care products and there are dedicated discount sites that specialize in offering up-to-date data about all the discounts being offered by every brand. Contrary to popular belief, the people managing these websites do all their research, design, development work through phone , internet and email.

Zero pressure salesmanship

  • Online promo codes come with an expiry date and need to be redeemed before that date and are valid for specific range of products or for if you buy goods above a certain amount. In order to make the most of coupons codes online, you should log into the portal at such a time when there is less traffic on the portal like early morning when pages load faster and you can research more in less time.
  • Broadband speeds via Wi-Fi router are also fast in the mornings and you can explore all these online stores thoroughly in that time slot. Unlike physical stores where there is high pressure salesmanship that is mounted on the customer as soon as the customer enters the store, online stores are a huge relief. There is zero pressure salesmanship and you can login and logout of the store any number of times. Even cancel orders you have placed and no questions are asked and even return products after delivery. Such is the flexibility being offered by coupon code sites.

The list is limited but useful!

 There are about a dozen popular coupon websites that offer the best coupon codes that can be redeemed online. There are a lot of online shopping carnivals that are being conducted by brand stores in order to get rid of the inventory before the season changes and it is at this time, you can grab the best deals through top coupons sites.

  • CouponAda.in: One of the most popular coupon sites, you can expect steep discounts of up to 80% on this site and there are contests being run on this site on regular basis. These contests will help you win even more and be assured of a birthday gift from this side on your birthday this year. Moreover, the offers you get from this site are customized based on your browsing history and the items that you have mentioned at the time of registration. You can get coupons for all ecommerce sites from this portal like flipkart, amazon, and snapdeal and even tell your friends about it who can even benefit from your advice.
  • Buy1Get1.in: This website takes the cake when it comes to neat design, delightful user interface, easy navigation and is most of all mobile-friendly; so you can log in anywhere, anytime to make the best purchases. Redirection is easy when you click on the product you want and this website takes you straight to the offer page from where the offer originated.
  • MaddyCoupons.in: Slightly different from others in the pack, this site offers deals based on categories, banks and credit / debit card deals been offered to customers in the festive season from October to December. These twelve weeks see a severe demand pull from customers at online stores and are the best time to go coupon hunting for availing the best deals. Though acting in advance might get you better deals.
  • CouponCanny.in: Apart from the steep discounts that this site will offer during festive season, this portal gives notifications. Yes, you read it right, it offers push based notifications through your browser, whenever a new deal arrives or a new coupon arrives and you can redeem it immediately. These push notifications are immensely useful for lightning deals at ecommerce stress that last just for a few minutes and offer products at rock bottom prices.

 There has never been a better time for customers to get the best deals in online shopping and we suggest you use the recommendations given to save big and shop more!

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